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SERT Headquarters: When and If Ranch

SERT is now looking for a headquarters known as "The a When and If Ranch" to be strategically placed in Southern California so the team can continue to operate World Wide. The vision comes from General Patton who during World War II commissioned a sailboat to be built for he and his wife called the “When and If.” It was meant for them to sail around the world “When and If” he returned from the war. He never returned. Many missionaries are out in the world serving the Lord selflessly, giving of themselves to see the Lord glorified. We have experienced this firsthand and know of many who do not have homes to come back too in the United States. The SERT When and If Ranch will serve as a place for missionaries to operate out of, minister, train, send others to the mission field and find rest for themselves.

The When and If Ranch will be the SERT Ministries World Wide Headquarters and will be strategically placed in Southern California to have the SERT Team operating stateside as well as plan operations and outreaches into Mexico, East Africa, and the Middle East.


Within the next 40 days, we need to raise $40,000 USD for overall operating costs of the When and If Ranch. The SERT Board has looked into this, prayed, and are all in agreement that this is the next step that needs to happen to keep the SERT Team operating.

We are looking for 40 individuals, groups of friends, families, churches, ministries, or businesses partner with us and raise $1,000 USD each over the next 40 days. Please pray about being one of the 40 to raise $1,000! Within the next week, we need to know that you will commit to praying for this vision, and will commit to putting an investment behind your prayers.

Ideas on How to Donate
SERT Ministries is a 501(c)3 and all donations are tax deductible. Feel free to get creative on how to give. Here are some ideas.

  • Host a SERT Benefit Night

  • Have Pastor Rudy or a SERT Team Member come and speak at your church / ministry.

  • Invite your business to take a stand against Human Trafficking and make a donation.

  • Gather 2+ more friends and give

  • As a concerned family, know that you are giving towards other children's safety as the average age of a prostituted individual in the USA is 10 years old.

  • Give personally on the YouCaring link at, through the SERT Website, or write a check to

    • SERT Ministries

    • 12403 Central Avenue SUITE#707

    • Chino, CA 91710

  • Stand and be a part of TEAM JESUS, pray, and believe for this mission so our SERT Team can GO!

Join the Vision, and be #1of40!

Give us a call on our ministry phone (707) 583-9577, or contact our SERT Team through email at to let us know that you are in!


With January being Human Trafficking Awareness month, we ask that you would fundraise with us to make this happen, so the SERT Team can continue to rescue and restore those who are trapped and in need of freedom world wide. Partner with us, and please pray!


Thank you for inquiring to be #1of40 to raise $1,000 for the When and If Ranch. We will contact you shortly.

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