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February 16, 2013

Regarding SERT:

In June of 2012 my beautiful daughter, Linnea Lomax, went missing in Sacramento shortly after finishing her freshman year at UC Davis. SERT joined us, without charge, for a dramatic search that reached into September. During those months I became painfully aware of the vastness of the sex trade in Sacramento and the possibility that my daughter may have been taken captive to provide such services. Law enforcement and hired private investigators, though some gave sincere efforts, left my family feeling ill equipped in our search for Linnea in such dark places. Rudy Gonzalez and his dedicated/well prepared team brought our family much comfort in their efforts. They faithfully, intelligently, and creatively searched both online and on the streets for my daughter. SERT understands that no one should be left without the opportunity of rescue from being prostituted and that no family, rich or poor, should be left to face such a painful and dangerous challenge on their own.

Although we eventually found that my daughter was not forced into sex slavery, while searching for her the SERT team successfully and safely rescued other females from the sex trade. They did so safely and securely, ensuring that the women were not only extracted but protected and placed in an environment conducive to recovery - out of the reach of their perpetrators. These kind of achievements are rarely accomplished through law enforcement, especially in the case of young adults, and therefore such a service is of immeasurable value and should be supported to whatever extent is necessary to expand such efforts.

Human trafficking is a growing and unacceptable industry against which most civilians and law enforcement agencies are found ineffective. Rudy Gonzalez is an extremely talented individual of the highest moral integrity who not only has specialized training and experience but who also has an appropriate passion to rescue anyone who is forced into sexual services. In addition, my personal experience with Rudy and the SERT team has made it clear that he is a gifted leader: not only capable of performing well in dangerous and complex situations, but able to train up teams of others to perform in the same manner. It is my honor to have any association with SERT efforts and recommend them as a credible, professional and an effective force against human trafficking.

Craig Lomax
Linnea Lomax’s Dad

Executive Director - Rock-N-Water
Office: 530-621-3918 | PO Box 307 Coloma CA 95613 |

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